As a metal stamping manufacturing source for the transportation industry, Dekalb Tool & Die, Inc. manufactures galvanized steel roof caps for buses, manufactured with eight different hole configuration variations. The main process used in manufacturing this cap is deep drawn metal stamping utilizing Dekalb Tool and Die’s 1,800 ton large double action press, stamping a 12″ deep draw into a 52″ x 112″ galvanized steel blank with a .047″ (18 ga.) thickness.

After deep drawn metal stamping, DeKalb Tool & Die uses a precision Mitsubishi VZ-1 5-axis laser for the laser trimming and hole creation process. The use of the laser eliminates the need for an additional trim die thus creating lower tooling costs for the customer and a more efficient production run with the requirement for multiple variations. Working with one of Dekalb Tool and Die’s finishing production partners, the galvanized steel roof cap metal stampings are then finished with a powder coat, and the finished metal stampings are shipped and delivered to Dekalb Tool & Die’s customer located in the Southeastern U.S on a Dekalb Tool and Die truck.

Metal Stamping - Dekalb Tool & Die Draw Die Metal Stamping 5 Axis Laser

Deep Drawn Metal Stamping Project Highlights

Metal Stamping Product Description

This sheet metal stamped bus roof cap was custom manufactured in 8 different variations in a low volume part run.

Metal Stamping Capabilities Applied/Processes

Deep Drawn Metal Stamping

Laser Trimming

Metal Stamping Equipment & Laser Used to Manufacture Part

1,800 Ton Large Double Action Press

  • 800 Ton Max Binder Pressure

Mitsubishi VZ-1 5-Axis Laser

  • 2000 Watt
  • 122″ x 87″ x 33″
Overall Part Dimensions of Metal Stamping

Blank Size:

Depth of Draw:

Number of Metal Stamping Variations


Metal Stamping and Laser Manufacturing Process Benefits

5-Axis Laser Flexibility Allows for:
Multiple Trim Lines

Hole Variations
Lower Tooling Costs

Metal Stamping Tightest Tolerances

Trim Line ± .03

Hole Position ± .015

Metal Stamping Material Used

18 Ga. Galvanized Steel

Metal Stamping Finish

E-coat base/ Powder Coat Finish (Out sourced)

Estimated Part Weight

21 lbs

Industry for Use

Truck, Bus and Heavy Equipment

Metal Stamping Volume


Delivery Location

Southeastern USA

Standards Met

Customer supplied print, 2D CAD Drawing

Product Name

Bus Roof Cap